Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tough decision

Last Sunday, I had to make a tough decision. Been thinking about this possibility for a few weeks already. I know that it will come to this situation. Making tough decision. I hope that it will not come to this but it has. I have to stand on my word and be strict with the players. That means that if they don't follow the instructions given, they have to pay the consequences.

I've given them ample time (a month) to get the proper gear for the football game. Told them specifically that beginning of December 2005 every player must wear long socks and shin guard. If they don't have these, then they would not be allowed to play. Even then, after two weeks in December, there are still some who do not have these football gear. Rebellious players.

So last Sunday is the big day. They have to be confronted. They have to be reprimanded. I must set the discipline right. The players must know that it is important to follow instructions, especially in the team sports like football. Two of the players (the expected rebellious players) still come without long socks and shin guard. Asked them why they didn't wear the long socks and shin guard. And the answer is "Bought it but forgot to bring it. It's at home".

"Okay, then you can go home." I told them. "Only when you wear your long socks and shin guard you can play with us". Then one of them said that he still wants to play. "We don't want to play with you" I told him. "Two months already I said that must wear long socks and shin guard,... is it so difficult to do that? You can go home".

I turned my attention to the others who only has shin guard but no socks, and ask them to do 10 push-ups. Then I asked one of the players to lead in warming up session. The rebellious player slowly went out of the field. With that a few of his friends also had to follow him as they came to the game together in one car.

We had a good game that evening. And I know the other players will have more discipline in future. As for me, I feel great as making that tough action. I'm prepared to enter into a fight if necessary (since that rebellious player is quite a big size guy and known to have unruly character). Thank God that didn't happened. Thank God also for the support that I received from my other coach. Making tough decisions altough it may mean that people will not like you.

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