Thursday, October 16, 2008

Capital needed

He wants to sell his cybercafe business for only RM16K. Sounds cheap considering that there are 16 units of computers and that there are already regular customers. The reason he wants to sell his business is because of lack of reliable staff to run the cybercafe. He can't be there all the time as he has other works to do. After being in the business for 2 years, I believes that with God's blessing the business can be run successfully. Since his cybercafe is only offering computer usage and gaming service, there are opportunities to generate more income if we provide additional services. To cut it short, I know there is potential for that cybercafe business to generate more profit. That is why I am keen on buying over that cybercafe business.

There are two problems that I have to overcome. First, the capital to buy the business and secondly, to find a reliable manager to run the business. I came across where I can apply for credit cards. Maybe I can use the credit card to provide some portion for the capital while the rest of the capital would come from other sources. I have inquired about taking personal loan from the bank but the amount allocated for me is not enough to cover the total capital needed. A business partner who can provide half the capital would do just nice.

Will still pray about it. Man can plan but it is God who determines the success of it.

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