Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nightmare again

I had my nightmare again yesterday. Dreaming of being in college and the exam is near. Now, I never studied in a college before. And I never take any courses via online colleges too. I studied in the local varsity and truthfully speaking those four years of studying is not an enjoyable time of my life. No, I never went crazy because of the hectic lecture and tutorial schedules. It is just that studying is not my favorite hobby. And in my nightmare, the exam is near and I realized that I has yet to study for one particular subject. Wah... it is really scary. I am not sure about you but if I have to sit for an examination and I am not prepared for it, it would be scary. Of course if I had prepared myself for it, then there is nothing to be scared of. I just thank God that I woke up and then realized that I am already working.

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