Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic problem

Traded in my IMobile handphone with recond Nokia 5300. It looks great and stylish. The loudspeaker is loud and my children enjoyed the songs and music played from the phone. However, I had to key in a lot of my contacts info into the phone, one by one, which is quite a hassle. Not so sure whether I can do that with the synchronize feature but I have yet to go deeper into it. My wife and I find that the sensitivities of the number pad is a bit irritating. Too sensitive. And the "Back" button does not make you go back to the previous page but it brings you back to the Main page. Should use the word "Home" instead of "Back".

Only after 3 days of using it, it started to give a problem. The screen goes haywire. Send it back to the seller and they managed to fix it. It seems that the cable that connects to the screen got dislocated and thus does not display properly. Wah... with that kind of problem I can foresee similar problem occuring in the future. Then while working, one of my customers told me that she traded in her sliding h/phone (similar to Nokia 5300) with a flat phone. She casually mentioned that the sliding h/phone has screen problem. Wah... the same problem that I had just an hour before.

So tomorrow, the Nokia 5300 will go and I will get a flat h/phone. New one lah... tired of wasting time and money sending the h/p for repairs.

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