Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paintball game

It is not yet popular in this part of the country but I hope in a few years time there would be a permanent site for paintball game. From the promotionals that I've seen, the game seems exciting. It is not just about shooting other people but also about planning and strategy. Even in Giant Hypermarket I've seen a different version of paintball game set being sold. The only problem with wanting to buy the game set is that you need to have a big space to play it.

Hmm, maybe when my children are much older and can play this game I would definitely bring them to play the game. I might even buy some of the Smart Parts Paintball Guns one at a time until I have the full set. Who knows, I can even operate the place as a paintball game site for the youths to come and play. It would definitely be much better than playing CounterStrike 1.6 computer game.

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