Thursday, September 10, 2009

Religion and bigotry

I feel sad yet angry. Disgusted yet despair. What is becoming of Malaysia? As much as I hope that the situation would change, it looks like it is worsening. What is it that they (the ulama and so called teachers of the religion) are teaching the young ones? That their race and religion is superior than others? That they should not come in contact with other people of different faith and race? I'm digusted with having such thoughts appearing in my mind.

These are real life events that happened to me.

1. Two girls came in and asked me whether I do repair laptops. I said I do. One of the girls told me that she stays in a certain place but she does not want to repair her laptop at the computer shops there because the owner is Chinese. I do not want to embarrass her by telling them that I'm am Chinese too.

2. On student studying Islamic studies came in to photocopy a few pages of document. He asked me whether I can give discounts if the number of pages is high. Since the number is high and there is a shop nearby that can give better rates (RM0.035 compared to my RM0.05 above 500pcs), I told him to go to that shop. He asked me whether that shop is owned by Malay or Chinese. He said that some of the students does not want to photocopy their books at Chinese owned shop. I almost wanted to ask him whether all Malay hands are always clean and holy all the time.

Tell me and prove me wrong on this. I sincerely believe (though I may be sincerely wrong) that though Islam may have good principles but the interpretation of it by their teachers is do damn sickening.

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