Friday, February 12, 2010


Wifey drop by at the shop after sending Belle to her Art class. When she wants to go back, she asked me, "Where's my roses?". I was like "Huh?" with a blur expression on my face. She smiled. My mind did a one hundred meters dash, trying to figure out whether I've missed out something. No, Valentine Day is only in two days time. Hmmm...

Suddenly I remembered the date, 920212. The year 1992 in the month of February on the 12th day. No, it is not our destination weddings date. It is our official date of the beginning of our relationship. Today, it has been 18 years since then. Time surely has pass by so fast. 18 years of relationship....Wow!, I can't believe it. Seems like only a few years ago.

Promised my wife that I will send her facebook farmville roses... hehehe... times have changed.

Dear, I love you always lah.

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