Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caribbean Vacation

Yup! The all inclusive vacation. That is what I am dreaming about right now. I really dreaded Chinese New Year day. If not because of the hot sun, Chinese New Year would be more enjoyable. The nieces and nephews prayed that it will snow on Chinese New Year day. :lol: If it does not snow, let's make our own snow by shaving as much ice as we could, they said. I doubt it can be done because the ice will melt within seconds!

We must plan for a Caribbean vacation during the Chinese New Year one day. Or a getaway to somewhere cold during this hot festive season. It would be nice to break away from tradition once in a while. ;) Furthermore, the all inclusive vacation package isn't that expensive; if you earn in USD. :lol:

As for this year, we bear with the weather and pray for a cooling evening soon. Then maybe, we will go out visiting again.

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