Friday, February 12, 2010

No room for CNY

The family members are coming back. It is indeed a blessing to have a large family. My mom have 11 children, 3 girls and 8 boys. And all of them except one are married and have children. If all of them converged in our house during CNY, there would not be enough place for everybody to sleep. Most of the time, the younger ones would pitched their tents at the house compound and enjoy the starlight sleep.

We did thought of using our apartments for the others to stay during CNY but most of them wouldn't want to go there. Firstly, it is quite a distance from our main house. Secondly, we want the closeness and togetherness during the CNY. CNY is the time to strenthen the family bond. It is also a time to catch up with one another. And we need big space for a big family like mine. An apartment would definitely be too small.

Talking about apartments, we bought the apartment because we want to rent it out to students. It is in a good location similar to University of Arizona apartments and the demands would always be there. Furthermore, the price of the apartment would appreciate when the surrounding areas are developed. So we figure it would be a good investment to buy one apartment there. After a year we bought another nearby apartments. So far we have good return for our investments.

So it looks like this year like previous years, many of my family members would enjoy the cooling breeze in their tents at night. Praying that it would not rain.

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