Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Different approach

We had one of our church members as our insurance in the past. She did a great job in terms of updating us of our insurance policy or if there's new good plans. Whenever we have a new baby in the family she would ask whether we would like to buy insurance or accident cover for the new baby. And the best thing is that we have the freedom whether to buy or not to buy. She does not pressure us to buy when we are not ready. And we appreciate her for that.

Recently there is another insurance agent who took over the task of giving us the same service. However, her approach is more direct, always wanting to secure a deal. Such approach does not bode well with us. After all, it is our money and our plans. We will decide when we are ready to buy a new insurance policy. She came the other day and introduced two new schemes to us, well at least it is new to us. She told us that we are entitled to buy the company's funeral cover and should we die earlier than our children, the guardian income insurance would ensure financial stability for our children. She insisted that we signed up there and then but told her that we are not ready for that yet.

Hmmm....all these huhas about insurance reminds me that at the end of the day, all men die. And it reminds me that I must be ready to meet my Maker anytime.

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