Monday, July 26, 2010

Having me for 24 hrs

After the trip to Genting, my wife said something during our conversation.

"You know, its been a long time since we (the children and my wife) have you for 24 hours for 3 days."

That really makes me think and reflect back. Ya, its been a long time since I've spent 24 hrs together with my family. Monday to Saturday, my children would only see me for a few hours, sometimes they won't see me at all throughout the day. Sigh... . Today's children generally suffers from lack of time with their parents. In our pursuit of monetary gains be it from lack of it or from the greed of wanting more, we have sacrifice essential valuable time with children. I don't want to wake up one day with lots of gold coins in my safe box but have lost all love, care and affection from my children.

When was the last time you spend the whole day with your family?

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Mamapumpkin said...

Hi Mr M, Just to let you know, my husband has been home with us ever since he lost his job and we have never been happier! My girls are so, so happy everyday and I am also so, so happy!! Of course, we will lose him to work again one day but as for now, we are really enjoying every second of him!