Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaching them from small

When I was small, I would be delighted to find a coin on the road. Even the smallest coin at that time has value and I can buy at least 3 pieces of sweets. Even if the coins are dirty I would picked it up and clean it. The dirt on the coin does not diminish its value. I would put it in my piggy and once the amount is big, I'll buy something nice for myself. Of course that is a very rare occurrence. But to find coins is indeed a joyful experience.

Now, things are different. The value of coins have drop tremendously. I can hardly buy anything with the 5 cents coin. And even if I saw one on the road, I don't think I'll pick it up especially if it is dirty.

But I get irritated when I see coins all over my house. My children have their own pocket money and sometimes they play with their coins. I don't mind them playing with coins but I get irritated when they do not keep their coins after finish playing with it. They just leave the coins all over the house. Many times I had to scold and teach them to appreciate their coins. Yes, it may not be gold coins but if accumulated the value of their coins can buy them their toys. I think I must warn them that if I see any coins all over the house, they can't ask for any gifts for one year.

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