Saturday, December 18, 2010

Need to upgrade my skills

Nicholas Chan has set up his own company. He worked with an IT company whose office is just above my shop. Met him yesterday and he told me about his newly set up company. Now he provides various IT services like IT systems integrator, IT Projects Management, Automation and Network Security, and also maintenance and services. He also sells special computers for factory usage which is generally more durable compared to normal computers.

My knowledge on networking is limited though enough for day to day operation of the shop. I'm glad that Nicholas shared a bit of his knowledge during our conversation. I wonder whether he has gone to Chicago CCNA or San Diego CCNA where excellent courses on networking were offered. He also shared about some of the internet cafes that he went in another city where the services provided is specifically catered to high end users. He said that in those places the owner have to hire an expert in server and networking just to look after and maintain the computer systems. These expert must have gone through Virginia Cisco Course or Virginia MCITP or similar courses before they can apply for such position.

Would I want to go for such courses? Well, I definitely want to, not just because of the need but because of my interest in knowing more about it. But then, would I have the time to study?

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