Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lazy maid

We have read many stories of house maids being lazy. My wife's friends have complained about their maids. The number one problem that most of us maid owner faces is the maid being lazy. When they first started working, the maids would be very hardworking just to impress us. After a few months they started to show their true color. The maid would take naps whenever the employers are not around. The maid would not do the work as diligent as before.

We as parents of small children are quite worried when we have to leave our children with our maid. We wonder what the maid would do to our children. Would she treat our children well if we are not there to watch her. It is because of this fear and uncertainties of their maids, some of the parents thought of home security pima. I too have considered installing multiple security cameras and Direct TV around my house. Then I can watched what happened in my house when I am not there. Would the maid be sleeping? Would the maid be stealing food and other things in the house? Would the maid be watching TV instead of doing her household chores?

Whatever the situation is, we as parents are caught in the middle. We do not like the maid's attitude but we cannot live without the maid's service.

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