Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nice signboard

After 4 years under the sun, my cybercafe signboard has worn out. The pictures and wordings can't be read. I've been wanting to look for an Advertising Agency that can replace the signboard with a reasonable price. The only factor that is holding me back is lack of money. It cost me about $1800 to install the signboard four years ago.

There's one shop that has an attractive signboard. They use glowing lights around the wordings. However, it only look beautiful at night when the lighting is on. It was something new that I have never seen it being done elsewhere. I called up the owner of the shop to ask for the contact of the Advertising Agency that did their signboard but he has yet to return my call. I guess I have to look around for any Advertising Agency that can do the same signboard for my shop.

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