Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A new backpack for me

Went shopping yesterday with Miche. We wanted to go for a movie just to celebrate Miche being out of job. While at Mahkota Parade, I remembered that I need to get a new backpack as the backpack I used while cycling is torn and cannot be used anymore. So we headed toward the various shops there. There is a few sports related shops in Mahkota and we went to Sports Station.

There are various sports accessories like Puma, Adidas, JanSports, Nike and many others. Well, I am not a fan of any of the brands as my main consideration is the price. If the price is low and the quality seems good, I will buy. However, the Puma backpack that we saw is quite expensive though it is of good quality. We almost went out buying nothing when someone tapped Miche’s shoulder.

We were indeed surprised to see our church member and later being informed that she is the manager there. She offered discounts and managed to persuade us to buy the backpack. Well, much to our surprise again, the backpack is on “Value Buy” promotion and the price is much lower that the discounted price the manager can give us. Furthermore, it is within our budget so we bought it. Then off we went to watch “Wanted”. Oh ya, since Miche is out of job, the Nintendo and the treadmill would have to wait.

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