Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scratching where it is not itchy

There was once a anthropologist who went to a tribe to study their culture and language. He was aware that there was a missionary that went to that group and had minimal results in reaching out to them. While the anthropologist was talking to a group of the tribal people, he asked them the question, “Why is it that you all did not believe what the missionary told you?” After a long silence, the leader of the group finally told the anthropologist. “Well, it is like he is scratching where it is not itchy”.

Fulfilling the needs of the person is important before we can reach out to them. Well, the needs may not only be for food, water or shelter but it could also be the issues of life. It can be about the challenges of living everyday and it can also be about spiritual issues. Most people would look to the church, temple, mosque or monasteries if they are seeking help in spiritual matters. If you have thought of “I Want a Better Marriage” then you are having a “itch” that needs to be scratched. I would suggest that you find an Emergent Church to find the answers to that need.

I would advise that you Find a Church in Rancho Santa Fe if you are staying in Santa Fe and find the solutions that you need for your “itchiness” in life.

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