Saturday, July 19, 2008

Repainting and cycling

After much delays and postponements, we finally repainted our cars. My old Mitsubishi Tredia has been repainted with grey colour metallic coated. My wife’s old Toyota KE30 red car has been repainted with light orange pastel colour. It costs us more about RM3K to get it done, which included the cost of welding the various parts of the cars that are rusty. At least now, we do have a “presentable” car to drive. Earlier, we were thinking of buying a new Proton Persona car but in the end we decided not to. Now that the price of petrol has increased and Michelle is no longer working, we thank God for not allowing us to go into further debts by buying the new car.

Now, I will try to cycle to work. Yes, it was unthinkable to do that a few years ago. The distance is 11km from my house but it is now a norm for me to cycle to work. Yes, I did it, I did it. Now, I do not have to think about Car Radiator though I have to think about my safety while cycling on the road. One thing for sure, the roads in Malaysia are not bicycle friendly.

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