Friday, January 30, 2009

Desperate people desperate options

It is interesting to know that when people are desperate, they would do anything especially in this time of economic uncertainties. I am sure many are thinking about how to survive financially. I too am one of them. The economic slowdown has been affecting my business. I can say that many times I would imagine that I would come across a bundle of cash, thousands or maybe a million dollar cash. How delighted I would be. No, I had not come across that bundle of cash and I guess I better stop imagining about it. I had better trust in a more secured person, God.

In this desperate times, many would opt for Cash 4 Gold. Selling gold jeweleries can be easy and the best option for some. If you are given the choice of selling your house or sell your gold jeweleries so that you can settle your $4000.00 debt, Cash 4 Gold is a better option.

I know many Chinese are into 4D, Toto, and lottery. Even most of my family members are into 4D. This CNY, they all pool together to buy a number but unfortunately the number did not "strike". They have extra money to spend from their "angpau" so they bet on 4D. I would not want to waste my money on 4D as I know that does not reflect what I believe about my God. I do pray that I also does not have to opt for Cash 4 Gold and that my business would be blessed indeed.

What would you do? In this desperate time, would you do desperate things? I do pray that our integrity would stand firm even in desperate times.

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