Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Motomoto

My children loves to watch the movie "Madagascar 2". A few nights ago, I was there watching with them and it came to the part where it shows the BIG male hippo Motomoto trying to woo the female hippo. My daughters laughed when they saw that part and immediately look at me.

"That's daddy".

I laughed at the funniness of it. "Why its daddy?" I asked them. They just laugh but didn't give a reply.

Hmmm... I wonder whether it is because of the big size or because of the romantic appealing look of Motomoto that they associated it with me. I do hope so. I definitely do not want to be associated with the "blur blur" side of Motomoto.

Now I got a new nickname... .MOTOMOTO... not Motorola.


miche said...

it's the size and the way he dances! :P

Hapi said...

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