Friday, January 16, 2009

Still not done yet

Last year, when things (business) is doing well and we have extra income to spare, we were thinking about doing something with our cars. One of it is changing my car seat cover. It is not in the best condition with signs of wear and tear. Having three children does not help at all in trying to keep the cushion cover clean and spotless. There are many signs of water and food spills until we lost count of it.

Now the new year has passed us by and we still have yet to change the car seat cover. With the coming of the 4th one this April, we would have to put a baby car seat in our car again. I wonder whether we will use the old one or just buy a new infant car seat. I think the old one is still in the garage. It is time to start thinking about what I need to do with my car. Hopefully when the Lord blesses us with extra income, we will be able to do something for the car.

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