Friday, January 16, 2009

Main computer down

After faithfully serving for 2 years, the main computer that served as the server bids farewell. It has been showing signs of sickness for the past 2 weeks. Now it is being replaced by a newer better computer. This newer computer costs around RM900. As much as I like the operating system installed by the computer shop, I had to reinstall a new operating system into it so that I can download Windows Update. I realized (now more than before) the importance of being able to download security patches updates especially when my customers can plug in their pendrives (which is definitely loaded with viruses)to the computers. Now the new computer is up and running and I do hope that there would not be any major problem with the server for as long possible.

The amazing thing about the old computer is that after a few tinkering here and there, it can still be used without any problem. My guess is that the dust collected inside the computer casing is the main cause of the problem. I will just bring back the computer for my own home usage or sell it.

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