Saturday, March 14, 2009

EOE - I got My Photos

Within 3 working days, they do keep their words.

I uploaded my photos on Sunday and on Monday I received an email from EOE telling me to pick 2 more photos for 8R. Huh? This time got free 8R too?

I don't remember wifey getting any 8R when she blog about them a few months back. Then I went to check their Blogger's Review Program again.

Fellow bloggers in Malaysia! We know you are always looking out to try something new and sharing stuffs that are beneficial your readers too! Do a review on eoe Online and get 50x4R and 2x8R photo prints for Free!

So I gave the honour to wifey to pick the 8R photos. She is more excited about it than me. =P

We are very satisfied with the quality of the photos and wish we have a better camera to take more pictures of our children then send to EOE for printing.

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