Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gold is more attractive

What do you do if you have a fixed deposit worth $10K and it is earning for you a meager 2% interest? My advice for you is to take the money out and invest in gold. Yes, invest in gold. How? You may ask. It is simple. Either you buy the actual gold in the form of gold jewelery, gold bar, gold wafer, rare coin, or you can check out the gold saving accounts offered by the banks.

Why invest in gold? One thing for sure, the gold price is increasing. Yes, there are fluctuations from time to time but overall trend is that the price keeps on increasing. A year from now, the gold price might be 30% higher. If you look at it from the investment perspective, that is a big whopping 30% for your investment. 30% interest is definitely much better than the mere 2% FD interest. I am doing it and I would recommend it to others who have the extra money to save.

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