Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Vacation or Not

Would you like to go for a vacation during this time of economic crisis? Well, I know many would say Yes, but as for me, I would say No. The reason is simply because I do not think that I can really enjoy my vacation. My mind would be thinking about my business, whether there would be enough sales/income for the month to carry me through. I would be thinking whether my staff is giving good service to the customers or giving a bad impression of the business. I would be thinking of the many problems with the computers and whether my staff would be able to solve those problems.

I would rather be spending my time at the shop making sure that everything runs smoothly at the shop and that my customers are happy with the services and would come back again and again. The main problem is that I did not have a staff that is fully knowledgeable to address all the problems and help needed by the customers. Until I am able to find one such knowledgeable staff, I think I would put on hold my next Family Vacation.

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