Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Death overcomes us all

As I drove to my MIL's place, I remembered my father. I told my wife, "One generation has pass us." She looked at me, her expression asking my explanation. "My father. His generation has pass away. All his brothers and sisters have passed away", I told her. She nodded. We are now the next generation, and we too will pass away.

My father was the second to die among his siblings though he is the youngest. I remembered that the village people come and donated for the funeral expenses. We never heard of Funeral Insurance before so we had to depend on the donations of others to cover the funeral expenses. And my father did not have any Life Insurance taken in his name. It was "unknown" for a farmer like him to buy life insurance. Maybe there are one or two who gave him Life Insurance Quotes but I'm sure he did not buy one for himself.

We would be the next generation to pass away. Death overcomes us all. Well, let it come for it would be the day I will see my Lord face to face. Oh, what hope and joy awaits me.

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