Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Annabelle entered coloring competition

I don't remember entering into any competition when I was 7 years old. I think I would freak out if my parents enrolled me for any competition. Why? Because at the age of 7 back then, I don't even know my ABC. Yes, it was the reality back then. No pressure from the parents for me to know my ABC. Just learn whatever the teacher teaches in school. Now, at the age of 4, the child is expected to be able to recognize ABC. Just too much pressure lah nowadays.

Okay, today 17 April 2010, my Annabelle entered into a coloring competition. Organized by Hong Leong Bank, Malim Branch and held at Malim Kindergarten. And to our surprise, she managed to get 2nd prize. Not bad. Wifey said that she could get first if only she takes her time to color the picture nicely. She said she don't want to waste time! Aiyo... my dear girl. Don't be lazy lah. It is not who finish first competition, it is who colored it best.

Oh ya... you want to see the picture...hmmm...I'm sure my wifey will upload it on her blog. Go there lah... if you can find her blog.

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