Sunday, April 18, 2010

Set mindset

My wife hold up an advertisement of a slimming package and told me, "Haiya, this kind of women also can enter slimming advertisement." I asked her, "Why?". "Look lah... the girl is fat."

Aiyo, its not necessary to be so slim and sexy to be in an advertisement. As long as it is real and not exagerrated, then it should be okay to put the girl's picture in the ad. Just add a touch of make-up like the way they teach in the cosmetology school in Ohio, then it should be okay. I just don't like to see some pictures in the advertisement that are really not "real", where a lot of photo editing being done. It is just so unreal. A little editing is okay, not too much until the readers know that it is impossible to achieve such beauty.

Don't have a set mindset. And don't let your mind set according to the pattern of this world. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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