Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cycling at night

Dangerous. More dangerous than cycling at daytime. Furthermore, the battery powered signal/blinking light that I bought for RM23 does not work. So I cycle at night for 11km from my shop to home without any blinking lights. Praise God that He has kept me safe thus far.

It is a different experience cycling at night. You can only see places that are lighted up. The things that you would not normally notice during daytime you will suddenly take notice. Places like hawker stalls or restaurants that are closed during daytime becomes alive at night. But you have to be careful when looking at all these places, just make sure you know what is in front of you. Small road holes are BIG danger to cyclist especially on a busy road.

One positive factor is the cool temperature at night. This really helps to cool your body down and you would not sweat as much as cycling in daytime.

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