Saturday, November 20, 2010

Changing tyres

As I entered my old junk to go to work, I glanced at the car tire and to my surprise, I saw that the tire has worn out. In fact both front tires are in the same condition and are badly in need for change. I knew that I need to change the tires immediately for safety reason.

As usual, I went to my favorite tire workshop. They provide fast, friendly and cheap service, which are some of my expectations for a good workshop. They recommended a few second-hand tires but it was quite old tires, about 3 years old. Told them to find a newer tires and they managed to find a year old tires.

While they are busy changing the tires, I noticed that they also sell Tire Chains. I will definitely get one of the tire chains if I ever decided to go up the mountains range during winter. At the meantime, the old junk would only be used for me to go to work.

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