Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear

You are my best friend, my soul companion. You complete me. Indeed, I'm blessed by God to have you as my wife. I can say with all my heart that you are the greatest wife in the whole world for me. God knows that you are the one for me and I fully trust God on that.

There are times when I wish that I could give more to you. Sometimes I wish that I am financially rich so that I can provide for you and that you would not have to bear the comments of others on money matter. Having said that, I too am glad that you have endured such comments and have came out a better person. Instead of a nagging wife who is not satisfied financially, you have become a constant support to me and the children. I thanked God that I'm spared from having an unsatisfied and nagging wife.

You have gone far in your character building and I'm proud of it. Yes, we have to go further in this area but I rejoice that in doing so we will find many treasures in life. And I'm looking forward to our journey together in our pursuit to bring up godly children. There will be ups and downs in that journey but I know we will be enabled by God to achieve what He has in mind for us. Again, I praised God that He has given you as my partner as we complete this Amazing Race together.

Loving you always.


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