Friday, November 26, 2010

Cost of renovations

The roofs on our kitchen halls need to be changed. Yes, we have two kitchen halls, one is indoor kitchen and the other one is somewhat outdoor kitchen. The roofs are of zinc material and over time, it rusted and there are many holes on it. It is time to change it.

The 1st contractor quoted RM10K for the work. Then the 2nd contractor quoted RM5.4K or RM7K with some extension. Then another contractor quoted RM14.8K if we use steel frame. So we decided to go for the 2nd contractor. We call him but was informed that he has calculated the cost on the low side. He will have to recalculate the cost to the repair.

He came and and after another recalculation, quoted us RM6.5K and RM8.8K with some extension. That is an increase of RM1.1K and RM1.8K from the previous quotation. *Sigh.

I was hoping that we can settle at the RM7K repairs which includes some extension but it looks like we have to pay for the same amount without any extension.
Thank God that the other siblings are willing to help out.

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