Saturday, March 05, 2011

Catch Fish project -1

Went to the paddy field trench this morning. Woke up at 8.15am and decided that I'll try to do what I want to do this morning. Woke up Annabelle and Barnabas, told them that we are going to catch fish. They immediately wake up and change. Clarissa has been up early and watching TV.

Armed with 3 pails and one scoop, we went down to the trench. The water is still alot. Oh dear... looks like I wont be able to get anything. Anyway, since we are there, I might as well get myself and the children muddied. Went down into the trench and built a "dam" so that I don't have to scoop so much water. But the task of building the "dam" is quite daunting.

Annabelle is adventurous enough to want to go down into the trench. So down she went into the muddied water. Then Barnabas also agreed to go down. By this time, the once brave Clarissa has become the timid little Princess and decided that she wants to go home.

While Belle and Barnabas "enjoying" themselves in the muddied water, I continued with my "dam" building project. Then their Mommy and Clarissa arrived. After taking photo, Mommy went back. Clarissa, feeling a bit brave and maybe seeing the "joy" of Belle and Barnabas in the muddied water decided to join them. But when she got mud on her feet she starts to cry and cry. Duhhhh....cry so loud until the people in the nearby taman can hear.

Decided then to finish the dam before going back. At least the dams are in place. Hoping that the weather will be hot and the water will dry up a bit more. Still not sure when I can go catch fish again with my children.

Oh ya, a leech decided to help itself on my leg. I guess the leech got on my feet for quite a while since he looks full with my blood.

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