Monday, March 07, 2011

Fish Project 2 - turn tortoise

Went again to the paddy field trench at 3pm. It was hot, too hot that I decided to go home and wait till it is evening. Brought Belle and Barnabas to the shop to buy fish net. The good quality scoop net cost about RM35 while the not so good cost only RM22. Since I wont be able to go fishing most of the time, I decided that the not so good scoop would suffice.

By the time we reached home, it was cloudy and we are able to go to the paddy field trench again. Now it is not only Belle and Barnabas who followed, but Clarissa, Phoebe and Shannelle also followed. They are really excited especially Belle. I think Belle wants to go into the muddy water again.

Unfortunately the water is still too much for my aging body to scoop all out. Thank God for the fish scoop. Using the scoop, I managed to catch small fishes but that is not what I wanted to catch. I was looking for ikan haruan/catfish or ikan betuk. After a few scoop, to our surprise we found a baby tortoise in the net. least there is a worthwhile catch. After a few more scooping without any big fish catch, we headed home. Oh ya...another leech tried to suck blood a few minutes after I went into the water. Too bad for it as I found it early. No free blood donation this time.

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