Friday, March 04, 2011

Catching fish

It's been a long two weeks of working almost 12 hours a day at the shop. My body is weakened by lack of exercise. I need to have time to exercise. Exercising at work is not a good solution as I don't like to feel sweaty and sticky while serving my customers. Surely no customer likes to be near a sweaty and stinky guy. Well, lets see whether I can have time to exercise next week.

Went to see the paddy field last Sunday. Saw the drain (parit)and it is drying up. The water is muddy and there's signs of fish in it. Well, maybe I'll bring my children to catch fish this weekend. Hopefully, I can be free on Saturday morning. This Sunday is fully booked with church activities.

Its been a very very long time since the last time I went to catch fish kampung style. By kampung style, I mean by draining/scooping the water out from the drain or small pond. I'm sure it would be the first time for my children and I hope they will enjoy it and get themselves dirty by the mud. Hahaha... the maid would have lots of scrubbing to do this weekend. Hoping to catch some ikan haruan/catfish and ikan betuk or whatever fish that can be eaten.

Really looking forward to this event.

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