Friday, March 04, 2011

Foreign worker

An outsourcing boss offered me a foreign worker to work in my cybercafe. Monthly pay of RM900 and a place of accommodation. Well it seems that this guy has all the qualifications in IT knowledge which is good.

My main consideration is whether I can trust him to handle the cash. That is the main issue for most bosses. Of course someone will say that unless I try I would never find out. Well, that's true but it would be a 2 years contract and what would I do if I found out that he is not honest after a month. Headache.

The current part time staffs are trustworthy. The only problem is that their working time are not fixed. Lack of motivation seems to be evidenced in them too. Well, I guess staff will always have staff's mentalities. Though as Christians we are exhorted to work as though we are working for Christ, it is not always easy to do so. Staffs always think about their own convenience and want more money.

Hmmm...if need too, I will consider the foreign worker.

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