Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to increase sales?

It has been a while since the maintaining mentality crept in. Since all the profits are just enough to support the family, there's nothing much to spend on the business. So, the best thing to do for the business is to maintain and hoping that the customers would be happy with what we have to offer.

If there's extra profit to spend on the business, there are many things I want to change. The signboard is in desperate need of change. That would cost about $2K. Another unit of air-conditioner could keep all the customers cool and cozy wherever they are seated. And of course the floor can be upgraded. Many thoughts came to mind. I've seen the trade show flooring and the trade show carpet. I'm still trying to figure out which is the best upgrade for the floor. Cost and durability are two main factors to be considered. Maybe a few of my company logo mats to greet the customers would create a nice atmosphere. I was thinking of using logo canopy outside my shop but that would not be appropriate for the time being.

Praying that once God bless me with more profits, all the above changes can be done. Then, once the place is more elegant and conducive for the customers, they would come again and again and my sales would increase and increase.

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Marlee said...

Hey! I'm a college student attempting to live on an EXTREMELY tight budget (and blogging about it!). I'm not sure how you could get more profits, but maybe there's some places you could save money instead and apply it towards that air conditioner? Best of luck to you!!