Thursday, August 18, 2005

A child's pain

Clarissa is sick now. Coughing, fever and flu. Everytime she coughs she will cry. The pain of coughing out the irritation in her throat. Also because of the sore throat. My heart cried for her. So small and yet still have to suffer the pain. When will she be well?

Even for me, I dread the feeling of having cough. It’s terrible. Mind not working well, what’s more the body. Lord, please heal Clarissa. Many a times I have the thought of taking the place of Clarissa, me being sick instead of her. If only God can take the sickness and put it on me so that Clarissa would not have to suffer. But then, that is not the law of nature. Yes… caring and compassionate thought it is but that is just not the way. I don’t deny that God could do so if He chooses to do it but He also has set the law of nature.

It is because we do not take care of our health that we will be sick.

It is because of the law of gravity that things fall down and not fall up.

Clarissa caught the cough when Annabelle while still having cough, drink from her sister’s water bottle. That is just the consequences of one action. Germs/viruses can be transmitted from one person to another.

Having said that, nothing is changed if nothing is done. Medicine will be given to Clarissa to help her body cope with the vast influx of germs/viruses in her body. But I also believes in the power of God. Lord, please heal Clarissa. Amen

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