Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm sleepy!!!

Feeling sleepy now. Last night, Clarissa woke up for milk. Instead of making the milk for her, Michelle woke me up to make milk. I was too sleepy to do it. Only when Clarissa cried so loud did Michelle get up to prepare milk for Clarissa. After drinking she still couldn’t sleep. By this time I’m already awake, couldn’t get back to sleep because of Clarissa’s whining.

Feeling a bit angry. Still agitated by the event. Why can’t she wakes up and prepare the milk and not waking me up too. Why must there be two people feeling sleepy unnecessarily? What lah..But then, must be quick to forgive.

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miche said...

advised me not to complaint in my blog...see see who is complaining now? hippos :P