Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Istana Zakaria

When the news about the Istana Zakaria was published, I was not sure of the reason why it created a big huhah. Only when I saw these pictures I was hit by the reality of the issue. The "castle" is really impressive and for the owner to build it without the local municipal permission is indeed a slap of unfairness to the public.

A tinge of envy swept over my heart as I look at the pictures. This guy Zakaria (deceased) is very rich indeed. Of course some questioned as to how he can be so wealthy.
Could it be the people's money that he easily received via government tenders and contracts because of his political connections. wonder the people voted for the Opposition during the last election. Even after the scandal was published in the media, the various government agencies failed to take actions against this Zakaria. What lah!

That all being said, I have to agree that this Zakaria had high class mentality. Maybe he thinks he can be like the Sultan of Brunei.

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