Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Left Behind

We were so excited to go up Genting Highland that I forgot to check my handphone. The day before, I left it near the television set at my brother's living hall. I did a mental reminder to look for my handphone but somehow forgot about it during the business of packing our things and putting stuffs inside the car. So we left to Genting without the handphone. I only realised about the missing handphone once we arrived at the Theme Park Hotel. That does not worry me as I too do not want to be disturbed during my holiday break.

There are ample public phones in Genting Highland. I wonder whether the phones line use VoIP Phone Systems as it is much cheaper than the fixed phone line. So, we were free from phone calls during our holiday. We only went back to get our handphone on the way back to Melaka.

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