Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Elephant Savings

I got a cute elephant shaped "piggy bank" from Hong Leong Bank for depositing RM500 into my daughter's saving account. Well, my daughters would not have the money or coins to put into their new piggy bank but I know I do have. Most of the time, I would come back from work with extra coins in my pocket. The coins would then find their rest in the elephant "piggy bank". My daughters observed what I did and soon they too would drop in any coins that they find into the piggy bank. Good habit for them to practice.

Maybe one day when they are old enough they can start the habit of collecting rare coin. Yes, that would be good for them. Not just as a hobby but also as a form of investment. Come to think of it, the bank interest rates are very low. It would be much better to invest in gold bullion or rare coins as the value would go up in the future. Furthermore the value of gold does not fluctuate easily. Now I should convince their mother to invest her extra money in gold.

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keeyit said...

The whole blog is P. posts.. keng.. hehe..

I like the way you present, do you have a main site for your personal one?