Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Last Sunday, Pastor Goh Lee Neo preached on Ecclesiastes. Solomon advised those who do business to diversify as one does not know which business/venture brings income/profits. The message struck me as I too was thinking of diversifying my business. There are plans to takeover other cybercafes or maybe opening a new one in new area. At one time, I was thinking of doing agriculture but that did not materialized as the business demands most of my time.

People who says that doing business is easy are all ignorant and liars. Or maybe they just see the good things in a business but not the hard part, the beginning part of building up the business. They did not know that every fiber of the body and every thoughts of the mind have to be wired to plan and to ensure the business' success. And the most important thing of all is the principle that man can plan but ONLY GOD can bring success. No matter how clever your plans may be or how conducive the location and environment may be, surely one have to acknowledge God in everything. Not to do so is foolishness to the highest degree.

I have another year to go (or less than a year) before I'm planning to "move" or before my "transition" period is over. In the meantime, the business would be my focus/responsibility. Would I be able to diversify by then? Only God knows. In His time, not my own.

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