Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Invitation to set up a display booth

I received a letter from the IKIM (Institut Kemahiran Industri Malaysia). They are planning to have an expo in one of the villages. They want me to set up one trade show booths. Wah, at first I thought it is a good idea. I never have a chance to set up a booth before. I was imagining how my booth would look like with the tables, chairs, and banner stands all perfectly arranged. I would make sure the pipe and drape at the booth make the booth outstanding. It would be the most attractive booth in the expo.

The imagination burst when one customer came in requesting to use one of the computer. Suddenly, it occurs to me that I do not have much to display at the booth. I'm just operating a cybercafe. What can I put up on a trade show booths? Nothing. I have no computers for sale. At the most I can display is information on my business. You don't need a big booth to do that.

Maybe when I diversified my business into other types of business I would take up the offer to set up a booth. As for now, thanks for the invitation but sorry lah, nothing to show.

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