Thursday, January 14, 2010

mere ramblings

in the shop now. mind not working much. so thought of letting my fingers do the typing of what come across my mind... which is not much.

Chee the new part time staff is at the counter, discussing his course lessons with a friend of his. There's only a few customers left, quite quiet now, except for the online Christian songs from the server computer. Chee Chung Ee is his name, from Johor and now studying in KYM. He said that he has a year before his practical assignment and he can work part time night time. As he is also a Christian, I feel a bit comfortable to accept him to work in the shop. So far so good.

the project paper has yet to be done. and I has yet to set the date for the final exam. and worst of all I have yet to do my revision. the Church from Reformation to the Present has a lot of facts to remember. too many until I pening kepala.

also still donno what to preach on 21 Feb. the HS has yet to whisper to me on what to share on. thinking of preaching in BM. hahaha.. maybe will use the word Allah. I pity the Malay Muslims who are so ignorant and becomes the victims of Umno's deceitful schemes. But I pray that many more Malay Muslims will come to realise that only Jesus is the only and true way to Allah.

will I be able to finish the project paper????.. hope so. arghhh... really don't like studying and exams. tensions habis.

a group of Indian boys came in... to play CS. Today a lot of Indians came to use the computers. Just now a group of Indian girls came to use the internet. Wish Ramesh was here... can hear more of the language.
Andy worked until 6pm just now. At least I got a chance to rest and spend time with family. Went to fetch Belle from her school for the first time today. Glad to know that she likes school.... not like me. I cried and cried every morning for the first few weeks. At times I refused to go to school... don't want to go up the bus school Patt Hup. still can remember my Dad had to forcefully pull me into the bus while I struggle to pull away from him. haha... those were the days.

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