Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Holiday vacation

One of my daughters grumbled on the lack of activities this holiday. Her cousins are not back and we have yet to plan for a vacation. A bit busy with the business. Furthermore her mom is due in early January so that is also another deterrence factor. Yes, we did thought of going to Cameron Highlands, Genting Highland, and even Port Dickson for our vacation. So far, there is no decision made.

My wife has gone through the net looking at other hotels in Genting and Port Dicksion. We normally search for the hotels that offer cheap rates as school holiday rates can be very expensive in most hotels. Our idea of staying in the hotels is only for night sleep so there is no need to get a very expensive room.

Anyway, we have listed down two beach hotels should the beach be our destination. It is either Bayu Beach hotel or Tiara Beach Resort. However, knowing my wife, she would prefer to go to the cool places like Genting and Cameron.

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