Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Need to be tough with the tenants

They can pay if they want to. But they chose not to pay the rental, TNB and water bills. And that makes me angry. Once bitten twice angry. The previous tenants left me with more than RM2.5K for TNB. Now this present tenants want to do the same. NO WAY, NO WAY would I let them do that to me.

SMSed them to pay TNB bills last week. Amount outstanding is RM555 but until today they didn't even bother to pay. Tried to make arrangement with TNB at Banda Kaba but useless also. Lots of bureaucracy, must send this notice that notice... bullshit lah.
They promised to cut off the electricity by Monday but satu habuk pun tarak nampak. No action, talk cock only.

Went to the apartment with my padlock cutter and bought a new padlock. Didn't manage to cut open the padlock but managed to damage it so that the key is useless. Asked the management office to lock the water meter and take out the electricity fuse. Then went back home for lunch.

Guess what. The tenant called me and said that they are trapped inside the apartment. Hahaha (sorry lah...I sound so evil in this post). Told him that I will cut open the padlock (still not sure whether I have the strength to do it or not)provided they pay me the rental and TNB bill amount. So went to the apartment again.

Talked to one of the tenants at the management office. Almost quarrel there. Anyway he said that he will pay the rental provided I open the door. So I went and take the cutter and passed it to him to cut the lock. After a few grueling tries he managed to cut it. Praise God for that. I was thinking that I might have to cut the padlock holder if everything else fails. To cut the story short, he went in and paid me the rental. But they are still without water and electricity. They told me that they will only have the money on the middle of this month. Well, good and fine. Stay without water and light then. So I went back.

Lo and behold. In that evening, I received an SMS from the tenants saying that they have paid the electricity and water bills. HAHAHAHAHA...these %$#^%$^ have the money but they just don't want to pay. So must force them to pay... the hard way.

BTW, I really don't like to be the mean person but by doing so, I managed to save myself from coming out with probably RM1K or more for unpaid bills.

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