Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Time to upgrade

Bought another photocopier for the shop. The old one is giving lots of problem lately. The paper would always crumple and/or get stuck. Every time the paper got crumple, it is a waste of money (paper, toner and electricity), time, energy and patience. It also gives a bit impression to the customers. They might not even want to come back to the shop and this is something that I want to avoid. So it is time to get a new photocopier.

The good thing is that my supplier allows me to pay by installments. That enables me to pay him and get the machine. If he wants me to pay the whole sum at one time, then I'm not sure when I will have enough money to do so. Maybe, I would have to get a loan from the bank. But I hate to take loans. Pray that this new machine will last long and give a good return for the business.

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