Saturday, April 09, 2011

Am I Kicking Out My Tenant Again

From the day I started renting my apartments until today, I have not get any tenants that do not give me any problem or any that stay through the contract period. Either they leave earlier or I kick them out.

At present, both my tenants have been late in paying the rentals. One of them can't even pay the full amount of the electricity bills till I have to cut the supply. I have been giving in to them for the past 2-3 months. One of my tenant's father even called me to tell me to stop harassing his daughter for rent! I smsed once to asked for payment. The tenant gave a date. On that particular date, I did not received the promised payment so I called. Right after that phone call, the father of the tenant called me. I doubt he understands the meaning of "harassing". If my wife were to talk to him, I'm sure she will kick his daughter out from the apartment that instance.

This month will be their last chance. If they are late again next month, I'll tell them to look for other apartment. Then I will have to go through the hassle again to look for furniture cleaning tips, floor tile cleaning machine austin and best home carpet cleaners austin to make the apartment clean again before I put it up again for rent.

I am really praying hard that we will get a good tenant next.

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