Friday, April 01, 2011

Back to the old days - the slingshots

When I was still young, I used to play with slingshot. We don't have the money to buy the ready made slingshot so we make our own slingshot. That was fun. The best branch that is suitable for the slingshot frame is the guava tree branches. We can always find a "Y" shape branches that can be used for the slingshot frame. We then would go and find unused bicycle tire tube and cut it into long strips to be used as the band. As for the holder of the stone, we would find any suitable leather (mostly from old worn out or torn shoes). It was fun making our own slingshots, something that we can be proud of and treasure so much.

We would then practice shooting with our slingshots. I pitied the chickens, buffalo, squirrels, dogs and also the trees that became our target practice. We would play till late evening and get hands dirtied picking up the stones from the ground as our ammunition. I don't remember our parents being hysterical when they see us dirty. We can just go to the well and give ourselves a good body cleansing scrubs. Our scrub set is not the modern type of scrubs as most of it are from nature or whatever that we can use to scrub our body. Now, you can find medical nursing scrubs that are sold in the pharmacies or even online.

Now that I have my own children and they are big enough to use a slingshot, I decided I would make our own slingshots. Thank God that there are still a few guava trees at the back of our house compound. Instead of using unused tire tube for the band, I decided to just use the rubber band. Managed to find an old shoe and cut off the leather for our slingshot stone holder.

The first slingshot are ready made slingshot bought from the shop. The other three slingshots are made by yours truly for the children to play.
Okay, now it is time to use the slingshots to shoot at the stray dogs hanging around the house. Adios.

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